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Our Learning Center Provides The Following Services:

Math Courses:

I. Grades 1 TO 12

  1. Basic Mathematics
  2. Pre-Algebra
  3. Algebra I
  4. Algebra II
  5. Math Analysis
  6. Trigonometry
  7. AB Calculus
  8. BC Calculus
  9. AP Calculus
  10. Regular and AP Statistics.

II. College Levels

  1. Elementary Algebra
  2. Intermediate Algebra
  3. College Algebra
  4. Mathematics for Social Sciences
  5. Trigonometry
  6. Precalculus
  7. Calculus I
  8. Calculus II
  9. Calculus III
  10. Business Calculus
  11. Statistics
  12. Differential Equations
  13. Linear Algebra

English Courses:

Public Speaking

  • Persuasive Speech
  • Informative Speech
  • Entertainment Speech
  • Stimulating Speech
  • Demonstrative Speech

Job Search Workshops

  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • Interview Skills

Writing Skills Workshops

  • Basic Sentence Structure
  • Punctuation
  • Paragraph Common Sense
  • Business Letters
  • Business Memos
  • Email
  • Internet / Social Media
  • Benefits / Dangers

Motivational Workshops

  • For Teens
  • For Adults


  • English Competency Training


  • Improve writing skills
  • Develop and improve reading comprehension
  • Prepare students for quizzes and tests given in their English classes
  • Ensure students complete all homework assignments


Math Academia offers Educational Packages to best fit each student’s needs. Regardless of which Package you choose, our team of excellent tutors will ensure the proper tutoring service and guidance to help each student understand the material


What our students saying about Math Academia

  • Ernest S.
    Great communication and service ! The owner, Violet, is very efficient. Love Ms.Nelli, because of her my daughter has high grades in school and gained a lot of confidence. We switched from math to English for this semester to improve her writing  skills. Will highly recommend it to friends and family!
    Ernest S.
  • Sandy S.
    They have helped me go from barely understanding Statistics to passing my final with ease in a matter of a few session. This place works wonders highly recommend to anyone at any level of mathematics.
    Sandy S.
  • Edgar H.
    It's absolutely necessary that I write this review 10 years after being tutored as a high school student at Math Academia in 2008. I was struggling with algebra 2 in high school, and my teacher Mr. George recommended I go to Math Academia to improve on my weaknesses. I would go to tutoring twice a week and sit there with my tutor Ara and Armen for 2 hours to learn new material. They made me do 100s of algebra problems, one after another at the end of the tutoring session. I maxed out on repetitions. Fast forward 10 years later, I am now a financial advisor/daytrader with mathematics, especially algebra being a great strength of mine. Percentages, square roots, order of operations and multiplication became embedded in my mind.  My brain is now wired to crunch algebraic problems like they're nothing. People are surprised at how I can calculate percentages effortlessly through mental math. If you're a parent looking to send your child somewhere safe, well organized, and effective, this is the place. I want to thank everyone at Math Academia for instilling strong algebraic skills within me. As I got older and learned the compound interest formula, my life changed. If it wasn't for Math Academia I wouldn't have had the proper foundation to calculate such a complex formula years later. I am now working in the money culture, but the only thing that drives me to do what I do is to make sure that all the numbers make logical sense, and the challenge of solving complex mathematical problems daily. So when your children say "when am I ever gonna use algebra?", you can show them this review. Algebra has become the most instrumental tool of my life. Thank you to everyone at Math Academia 2008. You've changed my life in ways you'll never imagine. This review will give you chills. God bless!!!
    Edgar H.
  • Nice place! They are very knowledgable. Our tutor was wonderful! A day before I had a tutor (from a different place) that was all over the book, reading the examples and then explaining what it meant.  I can do that too! I said to myself. But, after coming here I had a great tutor that who did not had to loose time having to understand the equation b/c she knew it by heart (of course she had to look up the formula, since she was tutoring Geometry: as you know is all about formulas).... BUT did not spend much time reading the book trying to understand it. They do charge $35 per hour I stayed 4 but it was worth it.
  • Robert M.
    After a lot of research on Yelp, we settled on Math Academia as our son's tutoring solution. Math was giving him a lot of trouble in school and his grades on tests were D's and F's. The fact that schools use common core now did not help. Ara met with us (both parents and our son) and got to know us. He also provided the first lesson for free so that we knew what to expect in theory and in practice. His method always maintained a focus on our son and his comfort with math. Our son's grades are now A's and B's and his self esteem was lifted in addition to his grades. We definitely recommend Math Academia to anyone needing focused and personalized help.  Thank you Math Academia!
    Robert M.
  • Pat P.
    I am a 46 year old full time employee who decided to change career (call it midlife crisis! :)). Few years ago,  I returned to school and began taking classes in a local Community College. I am currently completing the basic 60 units requirements so I can transfer to a University and complete my BA degree.  Just like a lot of folks, Math is not my friend. This Spring semester,  I had to enroll in a Statistics class.  I now have to face my greatest nightmare! I barely passed my intermediate Algebra a year ago. I was definitely having panic attacks.  I called on my savior/tutor named Ara from Math Academia who tutored me on my Algebra class a year ago.  He worked real hard to find me a tutor that could help me.  Before Math Academia, my grades were  "Cs".  Since my tutoring at Math Academia, my grades have slowly gone up and in the last couple of tests, I managed to pull "As" .  Mind you, you also need to put up some hours of homework and continuous practice of solving Math problems to hone your skills.  I could never have managed to survive this Stat class without Math Academia.  Ara, Thank you for not giving up on me! I knew I had it in me because I was very willing to put up the hours that was required of me but without the guidance and tutoring, I could not have managed. Again, I am forever grateful to you, Robert and your staff. Best of Luck to you, Robert and Math Academia!
    Pat P.
  • Fay B.
    Very good place to go for math tutoring for all ages from elementary school to college level math.
    Fay B.

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